Melissa Lefort is proud to provide training, coaching, and consulting services to some of the country’s leading property management companies and partners.


Mel is one of the most effective people I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She has a special way of connecting with people and brings seriously powerful energy to each conversation. My team would be practically clapping with excitement when we had a "Mel Day" at our office. Not only does Mel bring energy and enthusiasm, she also knows the property management industry like the back of her hand. Her training is second to none. She also is fantastic at documenting everything and following up. I give my highest recommendation to Mel. She is a pleasure to be around and an even bigger pleasure to work with. Thank you, Mel for all that you have taught me and for being an amazing mentor and leader.

Dave Amoroso Sr.Property Manager

I cannot begin to describe the impact Mel creates during her training process and mentorship. I had the privilege of meeting Mel in 2019 as I began my career as a Senior Leasing Consultant for Windsor Communities. During my promotion to Assistant Manager, Mel assisted me in developing both my leadership skills and management skills to help me aim for community success. She is a full-throttle motivational machine that pushes everyone to new levels. When it came time to address our community closing ratio and low renewal commitments, Mel took the time to provide us with the tools to turn this ship around. Whether it's additional training or shadowing required, her support line is open no matter the day or time. She has created a legacy impact on my career, and I will forever share the great experience I had with Mel.

Christian Glaser Property Management Professional

Melissa Lefort is a powerhouse of positivity and hard work. Back in 2016, Mel trained and set me up for success in what was a new career for me — property management. Mel is a subject expert who is able to help others create work habits that are consistent and strong. Anyone who has had the pleasure of working with Mel knows that her power hours and one-on-one sessions are one-of-a-kind experiences that leave you motivated, empowered, and educated. Mel customizes coaching based on an individual's specific needs. For example, during my first month as a Leasing Consultant, I became "Top Leaser" securing 15 net rentals — an accomplishment earned by working with Mel daily. Mel is the true definition of what it means to lead by example. When working with prospects, Mel naturally builds rapport, listens intently, and is able to deliver in a deeply knowledgeable, fun, and upbeat manner. Mel can easily overcome objections and build value when feature-benefit selling. When given the opportunity to work with Mel as my direct supervisor earlier this year, I jumped at the opportunity. Mel is kind, high-energy, and a breath of fresh air! Mel is someone I look up to and someone who will continue to be consistently awesome.

Elyse Mickalonis Area Leasing and Training Specialist

Melissa is the brightest star! She is easy to work with and always positive. She helps everyone around her realize their full potential in sales and in life. It was nothing but a pleasure working with her always. I would work with her again, no questions asked.

Jessica Ciraulo Co-Founder and CEO of MilkBliss

As soon as Mel interviewed me, I knew I was dealing with someone whose energy and focus were unlike anyone else I have ever met. I couldn't help but tell her that I thought she was a TOTAL boss babe after minutes of knowing her. After our interview, I knew that I had to take the job if I got it (and thank goodness I did!) I couldn't have gotten any luckier with Mel as my 1:1 trainer. With a brand new career in property management, I was nervous about my abilities. Mel helped me believe in myself. She sat me down many times and gave me motivational talks that I still think about today. As she says, "Don't wait to be awesome!" Mel goes above and beyond every time. Her commitment and passion are contagious. She is an inspiration to us all, and if you ever get the chance to work with this powerful woman, you are lucky!

Skylar Shuman Leasing Consultant

Mel is in a class of her own. She elevates everyone she works with, and I truly mean everyone. I've experienced it myself and seen it with so many associates. You work with Mel in person, over the phone, or on Teams, and suddenly your closing ratio is increasing, you're "Top Leaser," and you're getting more feedback on your follow-ups! Her energy level is always at 150%. Whenever Mel was coming to work with the team, I always tried to capture some of her *Mel Magic* and encouraged the team to as well. In reality though, you don't have to try because her energy is incredibly contagious! And Mel will get into the nitty-gritty. She will take tours, call prospects, and handle a renewal conversation or resident complaint at any property, at any time. She knows the products and has an incredible memory of people and markets. She sees the good in people and situations and always roots for her teams. She never made someone feel bad about themselves, but she was also direct and honest with her feedback. I can really go on because as I started this, Mel is in a class of her own. If you have a chance to work with her, do it, and make sure to capture some of her *Mel Magic* while you do!

Tara Polifonte Property Manager

Mel is such an amazing person to work with. I had the pleasure of being trained by her when I started my journey at Windsor Communities as a Leasing Consultant. Her presence did not disappear after training—she always made herself available to anyone who needed her. She is a mentor and a friend. She is the kind of person that celebrates the accomplishments of everyone around her—big or small. I have never met anyone like her before. Her commitment and passion for her career are contagious. She radiates so much positive energy, and these are some of the many things I love about her! She has taught me so much in the time that I have known her, and I will carry these skills with me throughout my professional journey. Mel has taught me the importance of highlighting our "1%," especially when representing our company and ourselves. I have no doubt that she would succeed in any role that she takes on. Any company would be lucky to have her as their "1%!"

Richard Gonzalez Leasing Consultant

Melissa Lefort is by far the most upbeat person I have worked alongside. She is positive, confident, and knowledgeable. Melissa is an asset to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her. She knows how to find the best in every situation. She utilizes her intuition in order to find a person's potential by seeing deeper into a situation. Through this, she is able to bring the best out in her trainees. Anyone that has the privilege to work alongside Mel will forever enjoy the benefits of her creative sales tactics, authentic customer service abilities, and energy that will take your career to the next level. I am so thankful that Mel was brought into my life, and I am so appreciative of all that she represents. I will always value her work ethic, compassion, and inspiration.

Erin Porter Business Manager

My experience working with Mel has made me a better leader and beyond that, a better person. She trained me from the very start of my property management career and is a huge reason for my success today. Her inspiring training classes and motivating pep talks were things I always looked forward to. Mel is truly one of a kind, and I am beyond fortunate to have been trained by the very best!

Kiana Ping Sales Executive

Mel is an amazing trainer with attention to detail like no other. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her knowledge of the industry is extensive. She was extremely easy to work with and a pure joy to be around. I wouldn't be where I am today without her guidance and mentoring. Mel is very passionate when it comes to her work. Shortly after my training sessions with her, I became "Top Leaser" of the Northeast for two consecutive months. She is reliable and would make herself available during a busy schedule to help one of her colleagues. She is the epitome of a true team player.

Ariel Guzman Community Manager

Mel is one of a kind! Getting the opportunity to work with her was an experience I will never forget nor take for granted. She is a true leader and friend that pushes everyone to do their best and helps you when you need an extra push. I always loved when I got to work alongside her, as her energy lit up the room and her encouragement made me believe I could do anything I set my mind to! She truly is one of those leaders that you can take whatever she teaches you and apply it to whatever you do on a daily basis. 10/10 would recommend!

Becky Cormier Assistant Buyer

Melissa is a highly motivated and motivating team member and manager. She leads with focus, determination, expertise, compassion, passion, and enthusiasm. Besides learning an immeasurable amount from her years of experience, working with her is pure joy. Melissa has an incredibly positive mindset and outlook that drives organizational success and team satisfaction. She is a shining light that is an asset to any team or organization.

Jaime Randle Copywriter and Editor

It's rare to come across a leader with so much passion and authenticity as Melissa. I had the pleasure of working with Melissa for several years at Windsor Communities, collaborating on many projects. I was always in awe of Melissa's positive, can-do personality and dedication to providing our teams with the best support and training. Melissa always knew how to raise the bar and instilled confidence in our new hires with her hands-on training. Melissa will always be remembered for the phrase, "Don't wait to be awesome"—and she surely never waited! Melissa will be a true asset to any team and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Christine Utzinger Property Manager

It is my absolute pleasure to write this recommendation for Melissa Lefort. Working with Melissa has been such an honor and privilege. In my many years of Learning and Development, I have never worked with anyone like her. Her sales and training skills are unparalleled, and she is an incredible leader and mentor. I have only worked with Melissa in a training role, but I can confidently recommend her for any role she is passionate about pursuing next. She is undeniably talented and one of the best leaders I have ever worked with.

Amanda Sirois National Training and Events Coordinator

Mel is one of those individuals that you come across and immediately are moved by her energy, enthusiasm, and integrity. I had the pleasure of working with Mel for two and half years, and her advice, training style, and guidance are things I will always be grateful for. Mel is one of those mentors that I will always go back to for help, instruction, and her point-of-view. She has had an incredible impact on the professional I am today!

Christopher Jones Senior Leasing Consultant

There is no one who provides the level of training that Mel conducts every single day. The teams love her energy and match that high energy when Mel is onsite or virtually training. I've done many customer-focused trainings with Mel for our maintenance teams and have learned so much from her during that time. Outside of it being second nature to her, she's always prepared for the training at hand, genuinely warm to the participants, and super thorough throughout the training. She's always accessible for questions and materials after a training, which really continues the support to the teams.

Mathew Ulrich Regional Maintenance

Having Mel as my Director of Training for Windsor was such an amazing experience! I have gained the skills to provide the best, most valuable, personalized customer service experience through working with her. She is so inspirational and radiates such positive energy!

Shoshanah Cosden Real Estate Rental Manager and Communication Specialist

I've had the pleasure of partnering with Mel over the past five years. Mel is so very passionate about training and development. I've watched her transform a variety of leasing teams in ways that I consistently remain in awe over. Mel's sales skills are unmatched, her positive energy is contagious, and she's truly an inspiration to all around her!

Farrah Forbes Real Estate Management Professional

Melissa is one of the most inspirational trainers in the property management industry that I have ever worked with. Her energy and positivity are contagious and a true motivation for all positions. She is always looking to do better than before, and that's what makes her stand out tremendously.

Liz Ritter Assistant Property Manager

I have partnered with Mel on several different projects in our time together at Windsor. Her knowledge and passion for what she does are truly unmatched. She leads her teams with such positive energy, and as a result, her teams are motivated to achieve great success! Simply put—Mel is amazing!

Kallin Morin Senior Property Manager

Mel is a true inspiration and leader for her teams. She always comes with a positive attitude with the data to lead her group forward. Mel can re-energize any team and get them moving in the right direction. Her passion for learning and development always shines bright!

Katherine Davis Director of Program Development

Mel Lefort truly is one of a kind when it comes to sales and sales training. She leads by example, is optimistic, and has a high-energy attitude that will be valued at any organization!

Jeff Couture Leasing Manager

Mel is an outstanding coach and mentor! She consistently brings energy and enthusiasm into every interaction she has. Training is Mel's forte and comes very naturally to her. She does an outstanding job at motivating others and is an invaluable asset to any team. I know that Mel will succeed in any situation because of her dedication and positive attitude.

Allison Beltrone Assistant Property Manager

Melissa is professional, energetic, and so passionate about developing people! She brings 100% of herself to everything she does! Whether it's a 1:1 coaching or a national training program rollout, you can count on her to bring positivity and high energy to any initiative she is tasked with. I have had the pleasure of partnering with her on multiple L & D projects. She is organized, action-oriented, and gets the job done! Melissa's experience, coupled with her genuine ability to care for, connect and motivate others, makes her a great asset to any organization!

Allison Moledo, AVP Learning Program Management

Mel and I collaborated at GID and Windsor on numerous projects like process streamlining, recruitment initiatives, and supporting our regional teams. She is driven, communicative, goal-oriented, and always over-delivers. Mel is an asset to any team she works with, and I highly recommend her.

Kelle MacQueeny Founder + Principal at MacQ + Company

Mel is truly one of a kind and the BEST at what she does! Her training and sales abilities are second to none. I have had the pleasure of working with Mel for several years and have had firsthand experience watching her train, develop, and lead our leasing teams to success.

Rebecca Dowd Talent Acquisition Associate

Mel is the kindest and most cheerful person that I have ever met. She's very knowledgeable and taught me a lot during my training with her. She brightens any room that she walks in. She's professional, positive, inspiring, and pushes you to be the best you that you can be. I'm very appreciative to have had the opportunity to work with her!

Shakayla Tyler Leasing Consultant

Melissa is one of the most talented, energetic, and passionate people I have ever worked with. She is a sales and customer experience guru who sets a new standard when it comes to putting people first. I've worked with Melissa on numerous projects, and she is efficient, effective, and always prepared to deliver impactful training and learning opportunities to our teams. Her coaching and mentorship have helped numerous associates develop and succeed in their roles.

Joelle Chang Director of Program Development

I had the pleasure of working with Mel Lefort during my sales training. She keeps everyone around her inspired and motivated while lighting up the room with her positive energy. She is dedicated, knowledgeable, and passionate about her work. It is obvious that she truly cares about your well-being and success. I am beyond appreciative of her support and guidance!

Mia Natale Leasing Consultant

Mel is one of a kind—I can truly say I've never worked with anyone like her. She adds a positivity, professionalism, and an overall can-do attitude in a way that is beyond admirable. Speaking from experience, she always made me want to push myself professionally to be better. She is a go-getter and passionate about what she does, and it is noticed and adopted by everyone she works with.

Michael Conway Project Manager

I had the pleasure of being trained by Mel when I first started in my career in property management at Windsor Communities. Never in my life have I met a person with as much passion for life and her work then when I met her. Her work ethic is unmatched often jumping on the chance to take a tour while on the leasing floor and closing a lease right in front of us that worked at the property full time! She has a way of making those around her feel at ease while still delivering unmatched training to both new and seasoned leasing team members. Her drive, consistency, people skills, organization, and amazing ability to sell will be invaluable to whatever team she is on. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Regan Szekely Property Manager

Mel was one of the best regional trainers at Windsor Communities that I worked with. Her hard work, determination, professionalism, and AWESOMENESS shined through to everyone she worked with. Her talent helped produce some of the most efficient sales consultants in the industry and is responsible for multiple employee successes in property management. Can't do anything without Mel Lefort!

Greg Regan Property Manager

Mel has been instrumental in my career development. She has inspired and motivated me to achieve my personal and professional goals.

Michael Rufo General Manager

I cannot say enough good things about Miss Mel. She is one of the most positive, optimistic, understanding, caring, yet driven individuals I have ever met. She was our trainer, cheerleader, and everything in between while I worked at Windsor. I have never met another sales trainer/mentor like Mel. She is truly one of a kind.

Stephanie Grima Portfolio Manager

Working with Mel was something that I will always remember. Her extremely high energy and passion to push others to be great are unparalleled. The lessons/skillsets she helped instill in me are ones I will keep for the entirety of my sales career. She never took a day off and was always looking for ways to improve the training process. Thank YOU for being awesome.

Logan Recor Strategic Partnerships

Mel is amazing to work with! She is attentive, thoughtful, and welcoming. Her hard work speaks for itself, but additionally, she seeks to learn more about how she can take her work to the next level. She already performs at such a high level that it's hard to imagine she has anything left to learn. However, she is not above asking questions or getting advice from a teammate if she needs it. Her questions are asked with the goal of understanding—she's not asking frivolously or with the expectation that you'll just explain it to her again later. She's actively learning if a new process or program is being explained so she can make best use of her time and not need to re-train on it. Working with her was a joy because she exhibited this inspiring combination of excellence and humility. She's the first to celebrate others' success even if it doesn't directly benefit her; she also doesn't see it as taking away from her own accomplishments. As a teammate, I appreciated that attitude because it allowed our focus to stay on our work and not get distracted. Mel sets a great example of being personable to everyone—she's able to quickly connect with people and make them feel comfortable. When you speak with her, you can tell she's actually listening to you, and that is so important personally and professionally. In short, there aren't enough words to describe how incredible Mel is. She's the talented, inspiring teammate that any organization would be blessed to have working with them.

Carolynn Carringer Project Management and Solutions Implementation

Mel is an absolute joy to work with. She is positive, encouraging, and helps you to get excited about the strengths that you have. Her work ethic is absolutely contagious and makes you want to reach for the stars, and helps you to believe in yourself. I had the distinct pleasure of working with Mel to strengthen my resume. She took the time to learn more about my unique professional field, look at my resume, and provide recommendations for making it stand out. Her feedback was thoughtful and organized in a manner that helped me to reflect on my accomplishments, as well as my future career goals. Without hesitation, I highly recommend that you find yourself the opportunity to work with and be guided by Mel. You will NOT be disappointed and will find yourself inspired by her can-do attitude!

Kristin Coffey Child Life Specialist

Melissa is a great asset to any organization and goes above and beyond on a daily basis. Not only is she very knowledgeable, but she always has an amazing attitude and personality to match. Any organization will be honored and privileged to have her.

Wilson Acosta Regional Manager

I had the opportunity to work with Mel the first week I started in property management. I was extremely new to the field and had no prior experience. That was almost 4 years ago, and I still use Mel as my role model. She is truly the walking definition of what it means to be an amazing trainer, an amazing coach, and a positive support! Mel is the person that taught me the WOW skill of sales and how to use positive energy to truly make the customer relationship and interaction one of a kind. I still use examples that she taught me and the tools that she gave me throughout my leasing career today, and know that anyone that has the opportunity to cross paths with this amazing ball of energy will not regret it! Thanks for teaching me all that you have, Mel, and thanks for being such a great role model in such a booming industry!

McKenzie Kelley Insurance Broker

Melissa Lefort is a force to be reckoned with. The adage says, "If you can't do, teach" but that couldn't be less true when it comes to Mel's sales prowess. She is an incredible trainer, showing the ropes with nothing but the utmost patience and kindness. I can confidently say that my time with Mel made me a better employee. Although I no longer work in sales, there are still many "Mel-isms" that I take to work every day. She is professional, personable, and the hardest worker I know. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Mary Thames Social Media Manager

Mel is someone who not only takes pride in her work but also in her co-workers, her company, and her customers. It's an immediate benefit to work with her on any task, as her attitude and energy are the perfect complement to her expertise. She repeatedly creates a stocked arsenal of skills and job knowledge as she continually challenges herself and others. Her initiative is fantastic, and she can gingerly turn a difficult situation into a simple one. Her communication skills are refined and highly effective, and best of all, she makes work fun!

Joseph Abadir Real Estate Executive, Owner & Asset Manager

Mel Lefort is truly a one-of-a-kind individual with a passion for helping others and seeing others succeed. I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Mel for a number of years across multiple properties. Her high energy and can-do attitude has pushed me both professionally and personally over the years, inspiring me to grow and be the best version of myself. Mel is a rockstar in the industry with a diverse background and endless knowledge to share. She is never afraid to step in to help with any task- no matter how big or small- and is a leader in innovative ways to train staff. Throughout our time together, Mel has helped me to strengthen my skills in sales, helping to coach me to become "Top Leaser" and "Leasing Shark" within the Northeast Region of Windsor Communities. I am truly grateful for the time and energy that Mel has dedicated to my professional growth and consider myself incredibly lucky to have been trained by her. Anyone who has the opportunity to work with or be trained by Mel will forever be touched by her professionalism, sense of humor, and ability to encourage staff to dig deep to strengthen their skills.

Ian Coffey Property Manager

Mel, thank you for teaching me the tools and strategies to make me super successful in this field. I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to learn from you. All of your teachings have translated to my new position, and I couldn't have done it without you!

Candra LaRosee Talent Manager

Mel was an absolute pleasure to work with at Windsor Communities. As one of the first people I worked with when starting a brand new role, she made a fantastic first impression on behalf of the company. Her energy, knowledge of the industry, and genuine care for my success in the role allowed me to feel empowered and confident as I began my journey in a brand new field. She always made herself available to assist, and I felt a close connection to her immediately. Mel's diverse skill set will allow her to be successful wherever her professional journey takes her next, and I am thrilled for anyone who has the privilege of getting to see her in action!

Brianna Clark Assistant Property Manager

Mel is such a passionate and energetic person—it's contagious. She's great at what she does because she loves it!

Kathy Caceras

I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa Lefort for well over 10 years. Throughout this time, we worked together in a few different capacities. She assisted with a lease-up of a brand-new community I was managing, which at the time introduced a luxury rental community to a town that did not have anything similar. Although it was challenging and took some time, we were very successful, largely thanks to Melissa's talent and abilities! She was able to adapt to the situation and work patiently with our clientele, creating great rapport throughout the process. Most recently, however, I am fortunate to have partnered with Melissa on a consulting basis. When I was named Director of Training for Veris Residential, my goal was to find the best resources for my team. Melissa brings years of leasing, training, and coaching experience with her and is truly one of the best! She has a style of doing things that is unparalleled. Melissa has begun working with our team on leasing and customer service skills. While she has her own methods, she is very willing to collaborate and customize to make the sessions personalized for our company. Even though we have just begun this partnership, I can already see changes happening! Our team has shared great feedback about her as well. Melissa is energetic, enthusiastic, and passionate about her work, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Dana Sente Senior Director of Training

Melissa Lefort, a highly skilled property management consultant who made a significant impact on our team at Simpson Housing. Melissa spearheaded the development of an exceptional "Intro to Property Management" program, and her dedication and expertise truly shone throughout the entire collaboration. Melissa's commitment to understanding our specific needs was evident from the very beginning. She took the time to thoroughly assess our goals and objectives, ensuring that the program she designed was tailor-made for our organization. Her attention to detail and thorough research allowed her to create a comprehensive and relevant curriculum that perfectly addressed our unique requirements. We wholeheartedly recommend her services to any company seeking a property management consultant who not only delivers outstanding results but also does so with a keen understanding of their client's specific needs.

Bryan Hernandez National Training Director

I really enjoyed my time working with Mel when I was at Windsor. Because of her, I was given the opportunity to start my Leasing career. She was invested in my growth and development from the beginning and I consider her one of my mentors. Her passion to help others is contagious and she is a valuable asset to any team she’s on as she’s there to help coach and help people progress.

Bonny Suy Lasing Manager

I highly recommend Melissa Lefort for her outstanding customer service and leadership training. She demonstrated exceptional expertise in valuable skills to our property management team, doormen, handymen, and resident managers. Her training sessions were informative, engaging, and tailored to our specific needs, resulting in noticeable improvements in team performance and resident satisfaction. Melissa is a true asset in developing a skilled and motivated property management workforce.

Shayna Green Assistant General Manager, Residential Management

I have nothing but great things to say about Mel. I met Mel through a mutual coworker and I was instantly inspired by her energy. Shortly after meeting Mel we hired her for a few costumer service seminars and what an impact she made on the team and myself! I look forward to working with her more and can't wait to book her for our next seminar to get our team to the next level of great costumer service.

Melissa Fitzpatrick Senior Property Manager

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa when she hosted a Leasing Professional Pep-rally for us in February. Melissa’s ability to introduce consistency while reinvigorating our leasing professionals was truly impressive. She expertly guided our team through the resident lifecycle, providing valuable insights and actionable strategies. Melissa infectious energy and enthusiasm were a highlight of the event. She took significant steps to prepare in advance, ensuring she was familiar with our company jargon and specific needs. This level of dedication and customization made her presentation not only engaging but also highly relevant and impactful for our team. I highly recommend Melissa for any organization looking to inspire and elevate their leasing professionals. Her passion, preparation, and professionalism are second to none.

Megin Stokes Director of Real Estate