Property Management Training

Melissa Lefort develops impactful coaching for property management teams to harness their potential and unleash their strategic advantage. Her training programs are designed to address the ever-changing challenges on-site teams face:

  • Building and sustaining high-performing teams 
  • Attracting attention and standing out amidst high competition 
  • Driving more leasing traffic and rentals
  • Retaining residents through building value and providing superior customer service 

To craft your team’s custom training, Melissa conducts extensive research and works closely with your key stakeholders to gather and analyze comprehensive company and market insights. She becomes an expert on your business, team, market, prospects, and residents to develop personalized property management training programs for leasing specialists, maintenance technicians, concierge staff, property managers, and maintenance managers.

Melissa’s top priority is to provide highly tailored, accessible, and engaging training that: 

  • Gives individuals and teams immediate value and inspiration to implement what they have learned
  • Empowers teams to discover their “1%” and deliver high-impact results 
  • Reveals the strategic solutions property management teams need to succeed  
  • Optimizes procedures and workflow
  • Maximizes your apartment community’s value 

An expert in the field, Melissa Lefort has held a range of on-site and corporate positions with nationally-renowned property management firms across states and markets. She began her career journey as a Leasing Consultant and evolved to work as Operations Manager, Senior Leasing Manager, Director of Leasing, Regional Sales, and Director of Training.

This foundation of first-hand experience and intimate business-critical knowledge uniquely positions Melissa to develop specialized solutions relevant to your team and business.
Melissa’s training initiatives are compelling, intentional, and focused on addressing persistent pain points and enhancing productive processes.

Melissa’s property management consulting services are customized to each organization’s specific objectives, but some sample modules include:  

Mastering the Essentials Sales Workshop 

  • Develop a deep understanding and mastery of the basics  
  • Ensuring consistency of process, procedure, and messaging across all positions 
  • Identify how prospects reach us, discuss effective ways to make the most of each interaction, and compel prospects to take specific, desired actions 
  • Create quality, personalized, and memorable sales experiences to build value via all mediums 
  • Role-play practice focusing on building value, creating urgency, and overcoming objections 

Enhancing the Customer Experience 

  • Highlight the importance of service standards and their impact on the customer’s experience 
  • Help your team to think and act in a customer-centric way 
  • Understand the power of using service language when communicating with customers 
  • Prepare your team to manage challenging situations with exquisite composure, professionalism, and a solutions-driven mindset 
  • Apply customer experience models that result in a positive outcome 

Reputation Management and Online Curb Appeal 

  • Understand online curb appeal and how it impacts our business 
  • Analyze your property through the eyes of a prospective resident 
  • Review questions and performance stats from resident surveys 
  • Identify the opportune time to ask for a review and practice through role play 

 Leadership Coaching 

  • Identify what creates a positive team environment and culture 
  • Review steps to build trust amongst team members 
  • Reflect on your personal leadership style 
  • Learn ways you can inspect what you expect from the sidelines instead of from the locker room 
  • Discuss the leader’s role in creating a strong culture through communication, coaching, and accountability 

 Self-Guided Tours 

  • Review benefits of self-guided tours 
  • Learn techniques to ensure an efficient self-guided tour process 
  • Discuss ways to elevate the customer experience during self-guided tours 
  • Discover effective ways to build rapport, overcome objections, close and follow up before, during, and after self-guided tours 

 Virtual Tours 

  • Review the types of virtual tours offered and discuss best practices for each option 
  • Learn ways to set yourself up for success before the virtual tour  
  • Identify the best virtual tour option for your prospect  to make the experience most convenient for them 


  • Learn how to best prepare before renewal conversations 
  • Explore tactics to make residents feel so welcomed and valued in your community that they renew and refer everyone they know 
  • Review techniques to communicate renewal options effectively 
  • Develop the confidence to overcome objections and stand by your pricing 
  • Role play a variety of scenarios so your team will be prepared to handle all renewal conversations